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New U.S. poverty numbers

September 12, 2012

New U.S. Census Bureau numbers reveal today no significant change in the number of Americans living in poverty. But International Christian charity World Vision remains committed to poverty’s effect on our most vulnerable – the children of America.

Romanita Hairston, World Vision vice president for U.S. programs

Romanita Hairston is World Vision’s vice president for U.S. programs. Request an interview with Romanita.

World Vision’s vice president for U.S. programs, Romanita Hairston, says, “Poverty in America remains tough on children. Kids and their parents are going to struggle to have their needs met. What’s most troubling to me is ‘generational’ poverty that’s more difficult to overcome.”

World Vision has U.S. Programs operating in Chicago, New York, North Texas, the Pacific Northwest, Southern California, Washington, D.C. and Appalachia.

The findings are in a new report, Income Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2011

Important Dates: (Today) Wednesday, Sept 12, 2012

Spokesperson: Romanita Hairston, Vice president of  U.S. programs (available today for phoners)

World Vision Resource:

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